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Keeping carbon emissions down and increasing bio-diversity cannot be left to politicians, it won’t happen. Its up to us. So please make a change at your home, at your work, small changes make a big difference.  Join us and experience some positive green news.

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Working from the soil up: What we have achieved and our future goals.

  • Done & Dusted!

    • Year 1 management and maintenance plan completed

    • Planted whips to begin strengthening hedgerows outside the Outback and create wildlife corridors.

    • Developed a hedge management plan to ensure each hedge is cared for properly for a variety of wildlife and carbon sequestration.

    • In conjunction with FWAG excavated 3 'Ghost Ponds' in the Outback.

    • Sown test patches of Yellow Rattle seed and planted some plug plants to see how this 'meadow maker' fares in the Outback

    • Communication of the ideas and reasons behind this project to engage, excite and enable others to love and nurture the natural world.

    • Rewilding Walks & Talks have began with the .Earls Colne Great Big Green Week'. A bell tent has been purchased to host our walks and guardians in the summer months.

    • Test planting of Goat and Grey Willow, specifically for the Purple Eampora Butterfly.

    • In conjunction with Colin Shead Photography erected a new barn Owl Box with camera to monitor our Barn Owls.

    • Monthly bird surveys with thanks to local naturalist Glen Moore the results of which will be fed into the RSPB national database.

  • The TO DO List!!!

    • If a success sow or plant more Yellow Rattle.

    • Remove the rubbish from a former pond in the Outback

    • Continue to maintain mechanically parts of the field for Skylarks and Barn Owls.

    • Thin trees and bramble around a pond and excavate the banks to a shaded pond in an adjacent field to allow light to reach the water and increase bio diversity.

    • Secure fencing or electric movable fencing to secure borrowed grazers for thier ecosystem services!

    • Continue to communicate the ideas and reasons behind this project to engage, excite and enable others to love and nurture the natural world.

    • Layer hedgerows as parts of the management plan to create a strong and dense base hedge.

    • 2022's Management & Maintenance Plan

    • Take soil samples and measure the carbon and nutrient levels in the soil.

    • Think landscape scale: engage with the local community, landowners and companies, work to extend the boundaries of creating a home for nature beyond Jordan's Farm

    • Commence flora surveys in 2022 to monitor the development of the Outback as a biodiverse environment.

    • Continue to build hibernacula around the new ponds as wood becomes available and as we wait for them to fill!


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