Business Guardians


Over time, we will be adding individual case studies to this page to showcase the different businesses and organisations who supporting us, and what else they are doing to make a difference. Find out more about how your business could be part of our scheme, take a look at what we are doing About rewilding then sign up to one of our plans today.

DAC Planning

DAC Planning is a planning consultancy based in Colchester, Essex and working with local authorities and local communities countrywide. As planners, they have an acute awareness of the need to plan for a sustainable future in their day to day work. This involves formulating policies to require future developments to incorporate climate change mitigation and adaptation measures and developing plans for sustainable cities and communities of the future.

As an SME, DAC Planning has been seeking an opportunity to enact small scale, but impactful change. DAC Planning considered various carbon offsetting and tree planting initiatives, until they came across the local rewilding project at Jordan’s Farm. After a visit to Jordan’s Farm, DAC Planning was inspired by the rewilding efforts of Alex. It was clear this was the perfect fit.

How DAC Planning is giving back to the local environment

As part of the on going management plan we have to maintain the grassland. DAC’s Guardianship has enabled us to strategically cut the improved pasture this year. By doing this we aim to ‘mimic’  the grazing that was once carried out by the animals that used to live in our landscape. This will increase the variety of the plants in the grassland by overtime, diminishing the dominance of the agricultural grasses.  Grass cutting may not seem an exciting activity but it is crucial. Deciding on where and how much to cut is important. For example, given we have Barn Owls in residence it is very important that we cut no shorter than 15 cm to maintain a deep thatch of grass in which mice and voles can live.  The reduction in rough grassland in the UK and therefore a food source,  is one of the reasons of the decline of this beautiful farmland bird.

Thank you to DAC Planning for your help.

We Create

We Create is a local digital agency based in Coggeshall, Essex. They take a sustainable approach to every aspect of their business where possible. This includes providing carbon-neutral hosting, reducing the carbon load on websites they build, and utilising out a number of other technical techniques to ensure that a website they create has as few emissions as possible.

While it is not obvious that building a website can take into account sustainability, the internet and cyber activity actually has a huge impact on the environment. According to experts, the internet is responsible for around one billion tonnes of greenhouse gases a year, which is around two per cent of world emissions. Every single click you make online has a carbon output. That is why we actually used We Create to build this website, to ensure our business was considering its carbon load across everything we do.

For a few years We Create had been looking into various offsetting and tree planting schemes but had not chosen to sign up to any for a number of reasons. These included the lack of information about how the work was being done. For example, many tree planting schemes do not give full transparency about how they work – where the trees come from that they plant, where they are planted, how they are supporting the local environment etc. Furthermore, We Create have very low emissions within their business so the standard ‘offsetting’ plans weren’t that relevant and again, they weren’t convinced about how this offsetting was achieved. So when we began work on this website, We Create was keen to sign up immediately.

How We Create is giving back to the local environment

We Create’s Guardianship has enabled us to carry out some of our initial management work. We purchased the yellow rattle seed and in August sowed this onto a trial area of the field. We hope that germination will be successful and in May we will see the first flowers and know that this clever little plant is working its magic and weakening the robust grasses so that a greater variety of plants can grow in the Outback. In 2022 we hope to repeat the process at a larger scale across the field.

Like We Create, you can be part of this project and give back to the local environment.