Helping Rescued Birds of Prey


This is Jordan the Barn Owl

She was rescued at two and a half weeks old here at the farm  in July 2022 after she was abandoned by her parents.

She and lots of other injured Owls and Birds of prey need to be released into the wild after being lovingly cared for and nurtured back to health by Stephanie at Owl & Bird of Prey Rescue Essex & Suffolk.

To help the charity we built a ‘pre-release aviary’ Jordan & Notley arrived after months of care in February 2023 for their final 10 days in captivity before their release into the wild. Once Jordan & Notley have flown it will be used for other rescued birds of prey who need a soft release. Our rewilding field provides lots of easy prey in the form of mice and voles, and the aviary is close to the house making it easy for us to look after them.

Thank you

To everyone who helped us build and pay for the aviary.

  • IMG and Alex Green
  • Hawkins Projects
  • Rory Appleton Claydon
  • Colcheco of Colchester
  • Paul Everett & Patrick Mackenna
  • Not forgetting Toby & Charlie Buscombe!

Right: Stephanie of Owls & Bird of Prey Rescue Suffolk & Essex, Alex of Jordan’s Farm, Alexandra Green of IMG

If you would like to help look after these Owls and the next occupants of the aviary please DONATE HERE

Top tips to help our owls and birds of prey

  • Help! I have found an injured or poorly Owl, Buzzard, Kestral, Kite, Sparrow Hawk!

  • Don’t use rat poison!

  • Leave the lawnmower in the shed

  • Don’t use weed killer or slug pellets.