Jordans Farm: Foliage and Flowers

Grown in season and sustainably


Jordans Farm Foliage and Flowers

We love to grow. To grow with passion and love is to produce a flower that reflects the emotions for which it is then used, as  a gift for a wedding for a funeral.

We grow for the local market, with the seasons, in soil which is nurtured and without pesticides to minimse our impact on the environment and carbon impact of your flowers.  In this way we can use our land productively and contribute to combatting biodviersity loss and global warming.

We don’t use pesticides, or force our flowers, so we are at the mercy of our varied and changing climate. The flowers we sell to you today were ready to pick today, but they might not have been 3 days ago! Therefore crops can vary, and while we hope to supply with you exactly what you want we cannot guarentee it.  So we hve the following tips when buying localy grown sustainbale blooms.

Choose flowers for your event that bloom at that time of year in the UK. We have been conditioned to think that because a flower is pastel colours it’s a spring flower, that’s not always the case.

  • The colour of flowers changes throughout the year. Yellows and white; whites to blues, blues to pinks, to yellows and oranges and reds. If you want a really good choice of blue get married in April! We can tell you what will be available for when you need them.
  • All flowers have a different vase life. If you need a long vase life, let us know and we can advise. if they need to look stunning on one day then choose some of the shorter life flowers, they will make your arrangements stand out.
  • British flowers are unique, they have more quirks, bends, and movement and a great range of colours. Work with the form of the flower or shrub. Please, do not expect ‘ramrod’ straight stems from us.
  • Finally, even in the depths of winter inventive flower farmers and florists can create beautiful arrangements using foliage’s, and dried stems to surprise and delight you but are still locally grown.


How to buy

  • Flower Arrangers Buckets

  • At the farm gate

  • At local shops

  • Delivery

  • By post