Rewilding FAQs

We want to share our knowledge to spread the message about the benefits of wilding.



We regularly get asked questions about rewilding, what it is and why it is important. Below are some of the answers to these common questions. Should you have any or many more, please do get in touch and we would be delighted to answer them.

  • What is wilding?

  • How do your rewild?

  • Why don’t you plant trees, is that not faster?

  • How will you manage the wilding project?

  • How do you know if the wilding is working?

  • What is 'The Outback'?

  • Is this a carbon offsetting scheme?

  • How do we know that carbon is being successfully captured by the soil?

  • What about ‘proper farming’, we need to eat?!

  • Will you have animals on the Outback?

  • What wildlife do you have in the Outback?

  • Are you keeping records of the plants?

  • What else do you do that is ‘Green’?

  • Can I visit the rewilding site?

  • Can anyone rewild?