Eco Shopping for Guardians

As Guardian of Rewilding the Outback you can enjoy money off a range of Eco Friendly Shops.


Becoming a Guardian of Rewilding the Outback at Jordan’s Farm is only the start of the many changes we can can all make to help combat biodiversity loss and global warming.

I have invited businesses who to the best of my knowledge, really strive to deliver a quality product and be as ‘green’ as they can be to join me and give my guardians a discount off their products over the year of their Guardianship.

The list of Eco Shops below is in reverse alphabetical in order to show no favouritism and because I remember always being last at school because my surname begins with an ‘S’!

You can claim your discount off by taking your membership card into the shop or by using a online discount code added when you pay for your products at an on line shop. You will receive both of these when you become a Guardian. 

The Super Survival Squad

Type: Nature themed children’s stories

Location: Online

How to obtain your 1o% discount: Via email to the author with your special quote.

They say:“The current books in the Survival Super Squad series include ‘The Daring Droplets’ (teaching children about the water cycle), ‘The Wilful Wildflowers’ (who teach children about the importance of wildflowers), ‘The Secret Sea Creatures’, introducing Taye the turtle, who makes it his mission to help all the sea creatures facing ocean pollution, and ‘The Powerful Pollinators’ (teaching children about night-time pollinators as well as the loveable daytime ones). I hope to inspire the next generation to fall in love with nature.”.”

Website: The Super Survival Squad




Type: Plastic-Free  household essentials

Location: Online

How to obtain your 15% discount: Online, sitewide, with your discount code.

They say: “Say hello to sustainable, everyday, essential products, otherwise known as Seep.
We are the little company on a big mission to eliminate 1 billion plastic cleaning items
from landfill by 2030.

Our zero plastic, high-quality, natural tools exist to make things better in every way
= a cleaner home, a healthier planet and happier humans.

So relax. We’ve got this: now we can all feel good cleaning.”

Website: The Seep Company

REco Store

Type: Refillery

Location: Tower Business Park, Crate Tiptree, Tiptree, CO5 0LX

How to obtain your 5% discount: In person with your card.

They say: “We all know that our planet is reaching a critical point, so it is up to all of us to change our buying habits and do something about it.

REco Store brings you affordable, well researched, earth friendly produce. We buy locally wherever possible and are always working with suppliers to improve their packaging or to initiate closed loop supply systems.”

Website: REco Store 

Naturally Unwrapped

Type: Refillery

Location: Blake House Craft Centre,  Rayne, Essex CM77 6SH

How to obtain your 5% discount: In person with your card.

Website: Naturally Unwrapped

They say: “Please visit us and join the zero-waste community in helping to reduce single use plastics and help create a more sustainable future.

Shopping this way reduces your waste at home, reduces food waste and quickly turns into a passion and a lifestyle.  We are doing our best by making small changes  to reduce our waste and would like to help people to do what they can. By making the smallest of changes we can all make a huge difference and you might inspire others along the way”