Pop Up Photo Shoot

With Anne Thomas Photography


This is a thank you

to Anne Thomas Photography who has been supporting the rewilding project for well over a year, if not two!

Anne is a brand photographer. She photographs in person or via zoom many different businesses. She began doing ‘pop ups’ in London, hiring a beautiful space and inviting business to come to her, it makes it cheaper for everyone and a very efficient way for businesses to get the images they need for social media.
But she wanted to work closer to home as well and provide the opportunity to small spaces, so I offered her the farm and it worked well. Over two days one in June and one in October small business owners came, each for an hour where they had the photos taken, they need in different locations, inside or outside. All brought ‘props’, or I should say the tools of their trade and Anne took their photos, be it relaxed or ‘working’. I did the ‘meeting and greeting’ and made tea and coffee. All in all, a couple of lovely busy days with lovely, interesting people. Look at some of the snaps I took on my phone of Anne taking photos of them. Noting, I am not a photographer!

Anne hopes to do a few more next year and even a workshop to teach people how to use their mobile phone effectively for business photos! I will need to do that one too….