Ghost Pond Update

Surveying for newts and insects


Great Crested Newt Survey

We start at the end of  a record breaking hot June when Jilly from FWAG came to take water samples from the ghost ponds in the Outback.

You can see that the water has dropped dramatically and on the 21st of June only a puddle was left in one pond, Little Owl Pond (above). The other two had faired better but still there was not much water left.

Jilly was testing for the DNA for Great Crested Newts, the ponds were constructed for them. We built hibernaculars and the ponds are positioned to ensure there is no contimination from sprays from neighouring fields. Our endangered Great Crested Newt needs clean water.  We await the resuts…….

Barn Owl Pond (right)


A bit of back ground from Alex because every day is a school day!

  • Regarding the scoring systems the number goes alongside the water quality that the invertebrate requires. That’s why it’s used as a biological scoring method of pollution, the invertebrates with higher numbers won’t be found in polluted water.
  • Level of light intensity on ponds will effect the flora species and growth which influences the fauna species.