Flower and Foilage Farm

A Host of Golden Daffodils


It’s been a late but great spring.


The Narcissus have been beautiful, though they did take a while to start flowering after that cold snap.

I grow a variety of blooms, the earliest to flower here was Ice Follies and the last was Cheerfulness with is beautiful scent. Then there was the Snakeshead Fritillary too. All part of my quest to ‘Go Native’.

Next year I will be growing more. I rather fancy Thalia, a later flowerer, a beautiful white and perhaps a early flowering Hoop Petticoat. Yes, they are shorter but look beautiful mixed with other shorter spring blub flowers in wee vases. These will all be available to buy form the farm for your business, event or home. I will also pop up at markets where I can.

By growing bulbs that will flower year after year I minimise digging at the farm. This has a massive beneficial effect on the soil structure, fertility, and all-round health. Great for the environment and worms and insects and fungi! All the stuff we need to look after.

Do contact me if you would like me to grow specific varieties that you would love to use. I can even add you to my newsletter so you knwo what I have in stock. The blub catalogue will be bedtime reading by summer!

Next its foliage and wildflowers and then the sunflowers!