Flower and Foilage Farm

Spring has arrived!


I am delighted to tell you that I have decided to complement my sunflowers with a foilage farm and wild flowers. It will serve florists, event venues, shops and restaurants and of course you. There is nothing better than buying green and buying local becasue every postive action has a positive impact.

I will be growing in the most environmentally friendly way I can.

🌿The daffodils I am currently harvesting have been planted with space between them so they can develop into clumps and increase in number. This way I do not have to disturb the soil for years.

🥀I will be growing wild flowers and plants for anyone who loves a natural native look. Most of these will be grown in the Outback to complement the rewilding and help increase the variety of species for example the native daffodil and tulip below. These are at a trial stage this year and again should in time naturalise. With non-native plants now outbumbering native I feel it is important to promote the beauty of our native species as well as grow them for our wildife.

🌿Foilage will feature heavily. I am currently propagating many shrubs but will also grow other green plants such as grasses which will be avaible this summer. Native foilage will be grown in the Outback. By increasing the shrub and tree cover in this way, even if  regulary prunned or pollarded, I hope that as well and providing for humans I will provide for nature too. Land sharing. 

🥀 Right now I have Snakeshead Fritiarries (native) , Blackthorn Blossom (native) and lots of beautifull daffodils. If you would like some or would like my stock list in the future please email me!