Barn Owl Owlets arrive at Jordans Farm


Three more juvenile Barnowl arrived at Jordan’s Farm from Owl and Bird of Prey Rescue today. All approximatley 4 months old. Here they are trying to pretend they are not there! Bless.

Barn Owl Jordan 2.0

Jordan 2.0 is the second owlet we have had to rescue from the barn after being abandoned in the heatwave of September.

She was very weak and once again with thanks to Colin Shead we were monitoring them and knew that she was in trouble having had no food (except her siblings……!) for days.

If you look at her chest those speckles are how you can tell she is female!


Barn Owl Lavenham

Lavenham is brother to Preston. They were found a weeks or so later together in a field starving. They were so lucky not to end up as fox food! The boys both have darker golden feathers in comparison to Jordan.


Barn Owl Preston

Who looks like a bit of a brusier in this photo!

We will look after them for a few weeks while they get used to their new surroundings. Ensure they get thier Christmas dinner too. In good weather they will be released but we will continue support feeding untill they are off making their new lives in the wild.