A Year Full of Sunshine & Sunflowers


Sunshine all the way!

A summer of sunshine it truly was this year. Frankly worryingly hot.
The drought and heat made growing very difficult and I like others suffered a lot of losses, but we managed and with minimal watering it has to be said.
That said look at some of the blooms we had!  Next year I  plan to grow in a larger area, try direct sowing. This does worry me because we do have a lot of mice it seems, but if others can….  I will also be growing grasses and flowers that complement my sunflowers. I hope to add a shop to my website and you can come and buy direct from me. Plus hopefully we can do the ‘Flowers From The Farm’ weekend bigger and better!
In 2023 I will be:
Supplying local business and attending markets with my blooms which can only cheer you up. 🌻
Selling them by the bucketful for your DIY event from the farm gate.🌻
Making sunflower confetti to continue the theme.🌻
So please contact me now if you are interested in selling / buying these blooms for your event or your business or of course your home or loved one.🌻