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NEW for Personal Guardians of Rewilding the Outback money off your Eco Shopping! Take a look.

EVENT: Flowers from the Farm Open Morning 6th of August. Click here.

EVENT:  Rewilding Retreat 10th of  September. Find out more and come an join us.

Jordan’s Farm is an opportunity.

…….An opportunity to action a long-held desire to get something good happening on a bit of soil.

And that is exactly what we are doing with our Rewilding the Outback project. We know we are not the first and hope we will not be the last.

In our bit of Essex where development is rife, air pollution high and flooding prevalent every patch of earth that provides a home for nature, sequests carbon and holds water is vital. So, if we are a little bit scruffy looking we are meant to be – scruffy is the new neat, and we like it that way! We invite you to like and, more importantly, understand, what we are doing too.

Simply Sunflowers. We always need cheering up and the cut flower industry must become truly seasonal and more local  so we can enjoy the luxuries in life whilst minimising our impact on the planet.

….And just for completeness! We are a family, we do have a dog, chickens and various other critters too that take our time and money just becasue we love ’em.

Rewilding the Outback

Why rewilding is important

Rewilding land will help to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss in the UK. The two are interlinked and must be successfully addressed at every level and industry if the human race is to have a future with minimal temperature rise and without extreme weather events, that lead to famine, war and mass migration. We are undertaking a rewilding project called ‘Rewilding the Outback’. Our contribution that we hope will help to reverse the damage that has already been done. We have a planet to nurture if we want to survive and prosper. At Jordan’s Farm we can do our bit and more. This is our mission.

Be part of our rewilding scheme

Sign up to one of our plans to be part of our Wilding the Outback project.

  • Business

    From £100 a year
    • Choose from a range of plans to suit you and your business

  • Personal

    £50 a year
    • Whether for you or a gift, pick an option based on what you are looking for

We plan to:

  • Increase the carbon content of our soil reducing the carbon in the atmosphere
  • Work sustainably and play our part in tackling the climate crisis
  • Offer a way for organisations to be part of the solution without focusing on simply planting trees
  • Reach beyond our boundaries and help enable wildlife corridors for animals and insects
  • Help educate others about how to nurture, help and respect the environment and wider world around us

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Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the key questions we get asked – but we do get a lot more! Take a look at our main FAQs page if we haven’t answered your question below.

  • What is the difference between rewilding and wilding?

  • Do you plant trees as part of your wilding scheme?

  • How do you measure the carbon impact of your rewilding project?

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