Seasons End


The new season is well under way.

I now have a new poly tunnel, which so far has stood up to the South-westerly’s and I am sowing ALOT of seeds.  Many different colours and sizes of Sunflower, but of course a lot of the classic blooms too, in particular Magic Orange which was a great success last year. A large head with a perfect petals and loved by the bees.

But it is so dry, the clay is cracking. We have had a glorious spring but they will need a lot of water. That said I use ‘no dig’ planting, this saves water because you do not dig over the soil which is also the only way to go with clay.

I still have a lot to do. A lot of compost to shift and I am using a lot of carboard too.

But for the moment I can enjoy sowing.

I can’t wait to show you the first blooms!