New Arrivals: Meet Thorn & Bailey


Pure indulgence on our part and why not?

Some times, a bit of goat gorgeousness is what you need! These twins, Thorn (the blue) and Bailey (white), arrived today from Blackwater Alpacas & Pygmy Goats, a fantastic breeder near Bradwell, Essex. We were all ready in love but now…. I think they may be a lot of goat images on social media!

What more to say than we are loving them. Thorn, is clearly male, he being the one who lay in the wee and poo in their travel crate on the way here. Bailey was found half way through a gap between the gate and fence that we really did not think they could get through. They follow you through any open door for an explore given half a chance. On meeting Ziggy, who went up tail wagging and really quite calm to say hello Thorn headbutted him, so that was him told!

So, as you can imagine, with visiting friends, its the goats that people want to see, not us!

Home Page ( Is the place to go if you want to go and meet more of these guys in person.