Flower and Foliage Farm: Eco Flower Growing & Arranging

A talk at All Saints Church, Feering Essex


In April I joined forces with Rachel of The Freckled Foxglove and Becky, Rebecca Avery Flowers to give a talk and demonstration on sustainable flower growing an arranging at All Saints Church in Feering. It was a lovely friendly afternoon and a great pleasure to be there despite my cough!

Becky made some arrangements and then demonstrated a bouquet and vase / pedestal arrangement without the use of floral foam or wiring the flowers. Rachel and I spoke about why and how we grow and explained the positives to buying locally grown blooms, basically, environment, carbon impact, a greater variety, movement in the stem etc. Of course, there are seasonal restrictions and you cannot guarantee some will flower when you want it so people need to be flexible but really it’s just like going back to eating seasonally and buying locally. The positives to my mind out way any negatives.