Easter Update in the Outback


The Yellow Rattle seedlings arrived and Rose helped me plant them.

Last August I sowed some seed of this little annual flower. Now its time to plant the seedlings I ordered last year.

Known as the meadow maker because its roots steal nutrients and water from neighbouring grasses, weakens them, thus giving other plants a chance to grow.

I now have two test areas to monitor. If they work I will sow more this year into the existing sward and hopefully we will be able to increase the diversity of plant species more quickly.

A pile of dry lumps of soil, sticks and stones always makes a good photo…

But this is another job ticked off the list, a hibernacula. Somewhere for reptiles and amphibians to use in the winter when they leave the pond to hibernate. Over time I will add to the pile by each pond.

The Skylarks are singing and nesting.

Thier song is beautiful, though you really have to squint looking into the sky to see them. Glen got this shot by chance. A plain little bird, necessarily so given they nest on the ground in the grasses. Thier song makes up for their plumage though!

This may be a fuzzy image but it proves a point.

We have a pair!

We are just watching and waiting for them to choose between the Outback box and the barn box and settle down.

Once they do the female will sit on her eggs for a month and not leave. The male will have a lot of hunting to do to bring her food. Its a good job we have plenty of voles and mice for them!