Flower and Foliage Farm: Cuttings

The best way to quickly increase the number of plants we grow for you.


Last year I took a lot of  cuttings, with varying degrees of success. Some like these Hebes did so well, only to be munched by slugs in the Autumn….!  This is one of the best, cost effective ways to increase my plant stocks.


When I decide which plants to grow I look at a few things.

  • Existing knowledge about the plant and especially vase life.
  • How quickly it grows – a slow grower means a smaller harvest which means more £ per stem.
  • Can I grow it in my soil?
  • What does it offer the florist? Foliage, branch, berry, flowers? Is it a filler, is it a star of the show? Will it flower and be a cost effective ‘additonal flower’ in arrangements and a great support act for the showy blooms? Whats its style? Wild, modern, tropical, on trend, romantic? So much to think about and of course fashions change but shrubs take 4-5 years before you can start to harvest them!