IPPC Climate Change Report


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has today published its report.

Sorry in advance but this is where I get a little cross.

You could say that becasue of my natural interest in the natural environment (I was out in the garden from age 5), my choice of recreational activities, my career choice of Landscape Architecture I have been more aware of the impending doom of climate change than most.

A couple of years ago I went to conference and sat through a talk from a climate scientist from  Kings College London. This man has been working on this for years. Decades.  He showed us the images of the artic, its green for heavens sake, he showed us the graphs, he’s explained what happens when you don’t have enough water, when its too hot to live in a region, when flooding is every day (which is is now). Its called, reduced food mass migration and war and here in the UK, we have no where to go, we are surrounded by sea. The whole audience was on the brink of tears, I was.

We are lucky. My children are Australian too,  but we cancelled our trip to visit grandparents at the start of 2020 because of the fires. So, Australia is not necessary going to be a country that they can or would want to escape too.  I am thinking a house on a hill in Scotland might be a good investment (seriously).

We have insurance in case our house burns down, but we are failing to take it out should the world burn up. Its madness and its selfish and I am furious that so many people can be so selfish and stick their heads firmly in the sand. Post world war two we have been through one of the most settled and financially stable periods in the history of this country. That is ONLY 65 YEARS.

But, its like most problems, it can be pushed to the back of ones mind, someone else can deal with it, its the Government that should solve it, no point us doing anything when China is still using coal, it won’t impact me, I won’t be here.

Like dealing with health and food. We could legislate to reduce the content of sugar and salt which would have a massive positive impact on future health and reduce the costs of the NHS. But time and time again the Government would rather have the money and kick the health problems and strain on the NHS into the long grass when they are no longer in power. I mean, how dare they?

So today, please, every action helps. Combine your car journeys, turn off a light, look at the amount of packaging on every item you buy, turn that carrot at  the bottom of the fridge into soup. Really think about your actions.  I will be ok, I am now firmly middle aged, but will your children and your grandchildren? Please every little helps.