Boomerang Barn Owl Notley

Notley returns home.


Ahh Notley. The Boomerang Barn Owl. Gotta love this Owl.

He was released in September in the beautiful warm weather. He needed to go, sort himself out with digs before the winter, find the local supermarket…. Go he did and we continued the support feeding. A few weeks later I was positive I saw him in the front paddock early one morning and this photo confirmed his identity.

A couple of weeks ago, trundling around with a wheelbarrow I glanced up at the old tennis shed and there he was sitting in the opening at the top! Clearly he has made this his winter home. Good choice too, only 50 m from the aviary, he can literally see me go out to the aviary and put his food out on the Owl table for him. Hence the term boomerang owl!


We will see how winter goes for Notley. I think he will probably hang around unless the wild Barnowls find him and chase him away. If he does stay until spring that would be a good thing. Hopefully in that time he will learn to hunt on clear nights and while the grasses are lower in the Outback. He will be encouraged.


There is another possibility. Stephanie currently has 3 more Barnowl Owlets in her care. One is Jordan 2.0 who is female and doing well. If she comes to the pre release aviary they will meet. That will be good for both of them and you never know on her release they may pair up and leave to find their own territory. Watch this space!