Arrivals & Departures: The birds at Jordan's Farm


The Owlets, Jordan 2.0, Preston and Lavenham, were released in January. We were weather watching for a suitable window, which given how wet last winter was it took a while!  We are pretty sure two have paired and are living in a old shed (right) in which we popped an old owl box. We have continued the support feeding, especially given the very varied and often wet weather, but they need to learn how to hunt, so they do not get enough to sustain them but to help. From 5pm onwards I am pretty sure I am being watched as I take their food out and most days I am! The picture above was taken in the aviary on a night when all three came back for shelter from the rain and wind.

Here they are in the aviary, this was taken after their release. They came to hang out for the night!

You can see from this photo taken with Colins Sheads motion sensitive camera in the Outback that one of the Barnowls has done something silly and broken some wing feathers….. Another reason for some extra tucker at them moment. Its just a shame that it was a rainy evening at dusk, if this image were a little sharper it would be a winner!