Barney’s Back!


How excited are we? When we arrived at Jordan’s Farm in early spring it appeared that our sitting tenant had moved out. No sign of him. No pellets. Just pigeon poo….

But recently we have been watching an owl in the early evening fly around our fields hunting. A stunning sight. Silent and beautiful. The light from the setting sun catches its wings. We have the perfect fields for hunting for them, i.e. long, we have participated in No Mow May for months!

Our bedroom curtain fell down and as a result a couple of times I have caught him or her flying past our window early doors heading toward the barn, once with something clearly in its talons.

Yesterday I thought I would and see if there were any pellets in the barn under the barn owl box which might indicated they had returned. I did not need to. I rounded the corner and perched on high outside the box was the most beautiful Barn Owl. We were both startled, and it flew off over my head! I do hope there are some Owlets in there.

So here is a photo of the box, not exciting I grant you. However, until I can get some sort of camera rigged up to actual photo graphic evidence it will have to do!