It's déjà vu

as we rescue another Barn Owl owlet from the barn!


We don’t quite believe it. It happened again.


Eventually Mr & Mrs Barn Owl got it together and laid some eggs and then 3 hatched!


They were out hunting gathering lots of vermin, fantastic! Perhaps they had learnt from last year and now knew they had to feed their chicks.


We had learnt from last year and we kept a close eye on them using the camera.


The heatwave at the start of September arrived, coincidence or not, but the visits grew less frequent again. (They abandoned them in the heat wave last July.) The calls grew quieter. It was time to check. Three babies were now one. Perhaps the others were predated by crows or magpies…..?


The last one was very weak.  We took the decision and Stephanie of Owls and Birds of Prey Rescue  came to collect him.

She imaginatively decided on ‘Jordan 2.0’ for a name….! All those in her care are named after where they come from, but we did wonder if Jordan 2.0 needed a different name to Jordan from last year. No, consistency. Jordan 2.0 it is!

So Jordan 2.0 is now being fed and cared for by Sephanie. Apparently, he ate two chicks straight away and then kept on calling out until a couple of hours later Sephanie had no choice but to give him a bit more! He was ravenous. He then settled and slept. Little thing.

A few days later and he has put on weight, fluffed up and is looking great! He has a new friend in teddy with whom he dances and chats to! He lies flat out with rabbit and even ‘sings’ after he has been fed. Look at the difference a week or so has made between the first and last photos below!

Jordan 2.0, we look forward to you returning to Jordans Farm in February or thereabouts 2024 for your return to the wild!