Who's in charge?

Well that would probably be April the Legbar chicken…..!


Who Am I?

Passionate about my subject and my desire NOT to be part of the generation who could have done something but didn’t. Wilding the Outback is what I am doing.

A Landscape Architect, garden designer and dabbler in planning law in the form of a Neighbourhood Plan where I wrote the (extensive) environment and landscape sections.

The knowledge I have gained, together with my natural interest in the environment, conservation and creating a future for my children have led me here to a small farm with my husband in Wakes Colne, Essex. I hope to use my skills and knowledge to enable this corner of the UK to become part of the solution.

To my mind and understanding if we don’t look after the world, given we are a part of it, then we will suffer. If we fail to invest in the environment, repair it, stop polluting and effectively reduce carbon emissions then we will make ourselves ill, initiate mass migration and potentially war as we fight over crucial resources and the land that remains viable for living and growing food. We already make ourselves ill, thought the pollution we create, the chemicals in our homes and in our food putting a strain on health services and the economy. Already we cannot throw enough money at charities that research and treat a variety of illnesses. Prevention is better than cure.

This is me and thats why I am doing this.